How To Boost Engagement on Social Media?


When we say time flies and so on (or choose any other metaphor like that if you wish), with social media it is not a cliché. In social media, it is reality, especially during the co-called social peak-times.

The visibility of posts usually increases with likes and shares. The question is how to make sure that happens? Here are some things that will give that extra social exposure we all aspire to:

  1. Participate and voice your opinion or experiences in chats of your interest. This way you might get other accounts interested in what you say, which might end up with an increase of followers.
  2. Post on a regular basis, which is generally more than once or twice per day. This will make your followers visit your page more often and end in a boost of traffic.
  3. Keep an eye on the peak times. Experiment when to post and what to post. Mondays are probably not a good time for serious content.
  4. Adjust your content to the specifics of each social platform accordingly. Chances are Twitter will not let you write long stories, when with Facebook you can go wilder (that is, longer).
  5. #Hashtags! They are the way forward. Not only is this the best to categorise your content, is also makes so much easier for the general public to find you, which is what all marketers wish for!
  6. On the whole, just let your creative juices flow, and your followers will love it and press that valuable ‘share’/’retweet’ button if your content has a pinch of creativity to it! For example, posting a picture or a riddle is a good way to take your followers on a journey of Vivid Imagination.

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