Hand-painted tights

Give artists colours and they can transform anything!

Let me introduce you to your new best-friends – Movanas! Young, dynamic and artistically minded sisters – the artist Jovana and her sister photographer Kana, who will make your wardrobe bright and colourful! It’s, essentially, a museum filled to the brim with the hand-painted tights of our fashion dreams.

Movanas 6

The idea is that even the smallest piece of wardrobe can tell a story – and create a unique fashion style meanwhile. Wearing a piece of art makes a person remarkable and very special. Through those paintings and illustrations a person can express their inner thoughts and aspirations and stand out from the mass showing the world who they are.

“The idea is to create a different and unique fashion style where even a small piece of the wardrobe, like tights, can tell the story,” Jovana says. “Wearing a piece of art makes a person remarkable and very special. Through those paintings and illustrations, a person can express their inner thoughts and aspirations as they stand out from the masses and show the world who they are.”

Movanas 7

It all began several years ago when Jovana was experimenting with different painting techniques. She looked inside her closet and took out a pair of tights. This is when her vivid imagination wandered around to show a painted design stretching across a leg. Kana explains, “At the beginning, she was creating them for herself and close friends, but then other people wanted a pair for themselves, the circle was expanding, reactions were very positive, and there were more and more new customers.”

Movanas 5

Though it happened by chance, the Movanas tights have become a staple for these artistic sisters.“Everyday, whenever inspiration appears, Jovana draws that as a sketch in her notebook, or just writes down that idea. Then, she takes tights and lets her imagination flow, combining various ideas that she had, inspiration of the moment, dreams, and many other things that spontaneously come to her during the painting process,” Kana explains, discussing her sister’s creative process. “Most of the time, the painting cannot be finished all at once. It is done in layers, so each layer has to dry first, and then the next layer can be painted. For some very complex models, it takes a week to finish.” (Now those are some well-loved tights!)

Movanas 3


Movanas 8

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