Teabags as canvas

It’s raining outside (the fact which in the UK per se is nothing uncommon) – you pour a cup of tea and inhale the calming aroma and are truly grateful the wet raindrops are far unreachable. The windows are closed, so the rain is nothing else than just music to your ears. Minutes later, the rain might (or might not) have stopped, the teacup is empty, the sunshine has poured in the room and in your soul. Now – what do you do with the teabag? Off it goes to the bin, you say. The artist Ruby Silvious decided to try something extraordinary and use old teabags as canvas for artwork. As the result, two remarkable projects were born:

363 Days of Tea (2015)

The artist’s goal was two-fold: to push boundaries of creative practice and form and to share it on social media, hoping to spark a different kind of inspiration.

A used tea bag is not very appealing. However, everything is relative and subjective -while you may see something soggy and stained, Ruby sees a blank canvas offering countless possibilities of transformation.  As the result, you see evocative and somewhat whimsical piece of art. According to the artist, ‘reimagining the discarded as art inspires new forms of creativity. I hope that people who view my art are changed in some way, perhaps with a renewed belief in the art of the possible.’

day 297       day 300   day 307      day 3633

52 Weeks of Tea (2016)

After a great response, this year brings more samples. More teabags. More art.  Instead of counting days, Ruby counts weeks instead – making it a little more manageable to create one work per week rather than one every day.

Below are some samples of the first paintings (hey, the year has just started, so the series is in progress). As with the visual journal last year, the project has random themes, but the message remains – this is to inspire people by helping them see what art can be and find new ways in which discarded items can take on a new life.

52 1     52 3       52 252 4


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